Ignoring the fact that Binance has a reported 24h volume of $15,923,147,130 with an estimated real volume of $5,239,049,792 – Coinpaprika,

When we compared the top 3 buzzing crypto trading platforms; Coinbase Pro vs Kraken vs Binance, it turned out that Binance gave the most complete crypto infrastructures to trade digital assets, both as a beginner and advanced user.

Again, offering 210+ crypto assets for trading has made her one of the most sorts after crypto exchanges in the world.


Going over to Google trend, in the last 3 months, we can see who the most preferred is.

how to use binance to make money


In fact, a history on Similar Web shows that the website had over 56.27M visits in the last 6 months.

Binance Tutorial for Beginners


Also, the infographic show that the top countries making use of the Binance crypto website includes Russia at 7.83%, United States at 6.75%, Turkey at 5.38%, Korea at 4.42%, United Kingdom at 3.93%, and others.  

Binance crypto platform

To conclude, if you look at a competitor like Kraken, you will see that they had about 8.68M visits in the last 6 months – which is still big.

how to withdraw from binance


This vast usage of the platforms is one of the reasons they have created sub-versions of the crypto website for some notable countries as we will consider below.


PS – you can skip to the main “Binance tutorial 2021”, else, let’s go on as we answer some questions.


Binance US, Here is How to Use Binance in the USA

Coming in as the second country with the highest users’ on the Binance exchange, the Binance US is a dedicated version of the Binance international, solely for the USA users.

Binance US

But as it is, a lot of the USA citizens prefer using Binance.com to Binance.us – which is kind of fair because it is more popular to Binance.us.

On the question of “How to Use Binance in the USA”, just as we will see, a one-time tutorial on how to use the international version, Binance.com, covers all the users in the USA.

So, whether you want to use Binance.us to trade or the normal Binance.com, you can do so with the tutorial.

All in all, if you are from the USA and you want to get started with Binance, sit back and see how to use the crypto website in real-time


Binance Nigeria, Here is How to Use Binance in Nigeria

Just as the USA and Russia top the chart on countries on Binance, in Africa, Nigeria and South Africa are the top 2 crypto countries in Africa, hence, the reason Nigerians have a dedicated Binance website, called – Binance Nigeria.

binance in nigeria

A worthy look at the Binance Nigeria shows that the daily trading volume of the USDT coin alone stands at N3,867,708,334.94 – a vast amount of money.

binance tutorial 2021

Not long ago we did a comprehensive Binance Nigeria review by answering the question “can I use Binance in Nigeria”.

On the question of “How to Use Binance in Nigeria”, (as we will soon see) the fact is, what is available on the Binance international – Binance.com, is also available on Binance Nigeria, so, a Binance tutorial on Binance.com covers Binance Nigeria as well.

The Nigerian version of Binance can be accessed by visiting the URL – https://www.binance.com/ng.


How to know that Binance is available for your country

If you go to Binance.com and you see a pop-up notification at the top-right hand corner of the page – prompting you – to select your IP address and language, know that there is a dedicated version for your country.

You have the choice to select and use the same or continue by canceling the notification.

how to make money on binance

But not to worry because opening an account on Binance.com opens you up to use all other Binance versions without having to re-register again.


With all said, let’s now go on to see how to use the Binance cryptocurrency exchange which serves crypto users from the USA, Russia, South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and all the countries making use of the digital website.

Disclosure: kindly note that this review is based on first-hand usage of the Binance platform. Also, a lot of work was invested in this guide. Should you consider to use Binance or other tools as mentioned, consider to use our affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Binance Tutorial 2021, How to use Binance Tutorial for Beginners, a 12 Step Lesson

Binance Tutorial 2021, How to use Binance for Beginners

Follow all the numbered sections as we see how to use Binance as a pro. Let’s start. 


1. Binance Crypto Account Registration

Offering more than just a trading platform, on Binance you have the option to make money in various ways.

You have the investment platform, lending platform, p2p, crypto wallets, trading platform, and more.

As a new user, to take advantage of all the facilities as available on the crypto exchange, you have to create a new account using your email address.

Binance Nigeria Homepage


Step 1. Click here to sign up on Binance

The link above (when clicked) will land you on the sign-up page where you will have to enter your email address and your password.

best site to get free bitcoin

P.S – use a good/strong password, at least 8 digits. Something like this {Ma*73%HP(0.


Step 2. Enter your account details and proceed.

When done, go to your email account and click the verification link sent to it.

how to get free bitcoin in nigeria

When you click on it, your account will be verified which will automatically redirect you to log in to your Binance account. 


Step 3. Lastly, sign in and land on your Binance dashboard.

Binance account Dashboard


Do that and come back so we can continue the tutorial ASAP.

 ➡ Sign up on Binance


2. Binance Crypto Wallets, how to access them

Remember I said that an account on Binance gives you a wealth of facilities, right? Yes, and that includes the Binance wallets.

As a beginner, the vast number of Binance crypto wallets are more than enough for you to get used to the cryptocurrency space before you opt for other advanced crypto wallets such as the Ledgers compares.

With your account created, you are opened to ETH wallets, XRP, LINK, ATOM, LSK, QTC, TRX, STEEM, BAT, and hundreds of others plus your local currency.

The best news is that Binance wallets manage more than 200 cryptocurrencies traded on the platform, and so, you have no need to worry about where to get wallets to manage and store your cryptos.

To access your wallets, log into your Binance user account.

From your dashboard, click on “Wallet”.

Binance account Dashboard

Go to “overview”.


To check if Binance has a wallet for a particular coin, just click on deposit and search for such a coin. If available it will pop up.

how to use binance in nigeria


Let’s say we want to check out the MITH coin and copy the wallet address.

I will click on “deposit” and search for MITH. If it is available, the coin will show up in the search bar.

how to use binance staking

That is all.

Let’s go on.


3. How to Copy a Wallet Address on Binance

Upon seeing the searched coin, go ahead and select the same and the wallet address will show forth.

For MITH, I will click on it and copy the wallet address. Here is it “bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23”.

how to use binance to trade in Nigeria

That is all. Use the same method for all other crypto coins you want to work with. 

Further and ahead.


4. How to deposit cryptocurrencies on Binance

Still using MITH coin for our case story.

To receive or deposit MITH, all you need to do is to “copy the wallet address” we saw above and give it to the sender to send the MITH coin.

That is all.


How to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, and a host of other cryptocurrencies follow the same process.  

Just search for the coin you want to deposit, if available the coin will pop up, copy the wallet address, and give it to the sender to send the same coin.

Alternatively, you can use the QR code to receive coins as well by placing your mobile app to scan the code.


5. How to withdraw or Send Cryptocurrencies out of Binance

Let’s say I want to move my crypto assets from Binance to Luno.

Working with Ethereum now. What I will do is to go to my Luno wallet and copy ETH wallet address and come back to Binance and enable the transfer.

First I’d log into my Luno account, then I select ETH.

how to use binance savings

Then I’d click on “Receive” since I am receiving ETH from Binance.

does binance work in nigeria

I’d copy the ETH wallet address from Luno. Here is the wallet address: “0xD20f0D548AfeBCEA7Cbc292D40adf3B39De6FB0b”,

how to use binance in nigeria as a beginner

On Binance, I will click on “withdraw” and select Ethereum.

how to use binance to buy bitcoin

I will then paste the ETHEREUM wallet address I copied from Luno.

how to use binance dex

Next, I would enter the amount of ETH money I want to withdraw and click on “submit” to send the ETH. 

how to use binance futures

The next step is to confirm the transaction.

That is all about moving or withdrawing cryptocurrencies from Binance to other cryptocurrency Exchanges.


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6. How to use Binance and trade cryptocurrency like a pro 

Trading is all about buying and selling an asset.

As a crypto trader, your aim is to target an asset and buy it LOW and sell it HIGH to maximize profit.

The good news is that Binance has different trading interfaces that fit in all types of users.

They offer trading platforms for both beginners and advanced users.


For Beginners – I recommend you go for “Convert” to start with, and the “Classic” for the main trading exercise.

how to use binance p2p

For Advanced users – go for the “Advanced” trading platform.


Now let’s say we heard in the news that MITH is about to launch a product. Normally, with this news, the price of MITH will appreciate – rise.

And as a crypto trader, what you want to do is to trade/invest the coin ASAP. How do I mean?

You will buy the coin before the launch day as the coin will be selling at a cheaper rate.

Immediately after that, you will be monitoring the market to sell the same HIGH as the demand for it will make the price surge.


To do this, I will return to my Binance Dashboard and under “Trade” I will go to Classic.

how to use binance p2p

From there I will land on the crypto trading platform.

To start with, I will choose the main cryptocurrency I want to trade against.

For instance, if I had ETH in my wallet account, I will want to trade ETH against MITH, that is, ETH/MITH as a trading pair.


In the same vein, if I had BTC or USDT, I would look for MITH /BTC or USDT/MITH and begin trading.

But since the default is Bitcoin (BTC), we will keep it as it is.

I will look for MITH using the search bar. When seen, I will select it and go on to trade the coin.

how to use binance for beginners


Buying MITH

Step 1. Look down to your right hand and click on “Market”.

Step 2. Enter the amount of MITH you want to buy.

Step 3.  Select the buying percentage. As in, do you want to use 25% of your account or 100% of your portfolio?

Step 4. When satisfied with your options, click on “Buy MITH”.

 how to buy coin on Binance Exchange

That is it. You’ve now invested in the MITH coin. 


Selling MITH

Assuming we bought MITH at $0.007723 and after or at the peak of the News MITH rises to $0.023723 – you are in profits.

What to do is come back to your trading interface and click on “Sell MITH” – using the same steps as the first.

how to use binance coin



That is how to use Binance and trade cryptocurrencies and make money.


One thing you need to know about cryptocurrency trading is that trading crypto is not just about reading charts, as in following technical analysis. Why is that?

Because pro traders also trade based on the trend.


For instance, currently, having heard of SEC sanctions on XRP, no one needed to tell us that XRP would fall.

In fact, according to Cointelegraph, XRP‌ ‌price plunged‌ ‌21%‌ ‌in‌ ‌two days as SEC targeted Ripple.

how to use trading bot on binance

The above was an opportunity for traders to make money trading the same coin based on the trend.

So, trading is not always about technical analysis, the news is also a gold mine to base your trading decisions.


All in all, follow the market trends & news and at the same time follow technical analysis.

For an in-depth guide on trading cryptocurrency assets, check out this beginners guide.


Also read: how to understand and use set stop-loss for crypto traders.


7. How to Convert Altcoins to BNB and to BTC, ETH on Binance plus Withdraw to Fiat

Why should you even consider this?

Now, if you were trading a lot of Altcoins on Binance, you will notice that your earnings will accumulate in different currencies.

For instance, you have $3 earned in MITH, $10 in XRP, $5 in TRX, $32 in ETH, and so on.

As you know, it will be stressful to withdraw or exchange all of them for another asset one-by-one.

If that is the case then how can you automate the whole process and convert all the coins to your favorite coin at once?

That is where the need to convert ALL the coins to BNB comes in.

All you need to do is go to your account > click on overview > click on convert all coins to BNB.

When all are exchanged for BNB, you open any of the trading interfaces and sell BNB for BTC, ETH, or any other assets and finally withdraw to a local bank accountif that is what you want to do.

Let’s see a typical example.


Assuming I want to convert all my trading earnings on Binance to ETH, let’s see what to do.

Step 1. Log in to your Binance account and click on Wallet, go to “Fiat and Spot”.

Step 2. Click on convert to BNB.

how to use debit card on binance

Step 3. Select and Convert small Balance to BNB. Then click on “Convert” at your top right-hand corner.

how to use binance.com

Having successfully converted all the altcoins to BNB, we will go over and exchange/trade it for Ethereum.

Step 4. Click on Trade, to Classic interface, and select BNB/ ETH.

how to use binance wallet

Step 5. Click to SELL BNB for ETH. On the interface, click on “Market”, select all/part of the BNB coins and trade it for ETH.

how to use binance us


What was your purpose of the trading?

Option 1– to withdraw to fiat? If yes, then go ahead and do it.

Option 2 – to hold ETH – then let it be.

Option 3 – to trade with it – then continue the same.

That is all.


There you have it. How to be a complete pro using Binance cryptocurrency exchange.


Going further, let’s see how to secure your account.


8. How to secure your Binance account with Security Key

To get started, log into your account and click on “Security” at your top right corner.

how to use binance youtube q

When you open up the security page you will have many options to secure your account.

Here are some of the facilities for secure your Binance account.

  • 2FA – 2-factor authentication.
  • Google Authentication
  • SMS Authentication
  • E-mail Address

how to use binance exchange

For 2FA, I recommend you use Authy Mobile App instead of Google Authenticator for easy recovery of accounts.

Go ahead and set up the security options you want. This guide from Binance will help you.


On Security Key. This is a secret security code you will get from Binance when you set up 2-factor authentication.

With it, you can recover your account if lost, forgot password, and a lot more.

how to use binance app

Please, be sure to keep it safe. You can write it down if you are okay with that as well.  


9. How to Buy Crypto instantly on Binance

Right there on your mobile app or PC, you can buy crypto using Binance based on the payment option you opt for.  

As of the time of writing, Binance lets users purchase crypto using Bank Deposit, Credit and Debit card, P2P deposits, Cash Balance, and Third party gateway(s).

Having used the Bank deposit which has an instant transaction, I can say that Binance is already here to serve the crypto industry with its innovative tech.

To get started, on your dashboard, click on “Buy”.

Buy Crypto instantly on Binance

Alternately, to access this section on your Binance, login to your dashboard and look to your top left (if you’re on PC), and if on mobile, click the menu section and go to “Buy Crypto”.

Buy crypto on Binance and how it works

When done, you’ll get a series of options to purchase cryptocurrencies on Binance in real-time.

Buy crypto instant on Binance Exchange

That’s the beauty of Binance. You have several options to make life easier for you.

Select any of your choices and process your payment and you would have gotten your coin in few minutes.

PS: The last transaction I did went through in about 2 or 3 minutes, so, you should get yours as well, swiftly.


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10. Into Binance P2P, how to use it

On Binance, you can Buy and Sell Bitcoin and other Altcoins via P2P with the best local bitcoin exchange rates when you make peer-to-peer trades on Binance.

how to use Binance P2P to trade

One of the reasons the p2p platform is popular is due to the competitive asset price differences by various sellers.

For instance, while one seller sells BNB at $20/coin, another can sell at $19.2/coin – which is a good deal for you.

To use the Binance Peer-to-Peer platform, look at your left top and hover on “Trade” and go to P2P.

Binance P2P

#1 – Select the assets you want to buy

#2 – select your local currency

#3 – Select your payment method – you have a lot of it.

#4 – Choose your trade; Buy or Sell

#5 – Buy the assets.


Nonetheless, just to be on the safe side, avoid becoming a victim of scammers, how do I mean?

NEVER transfer cryptocurrency before actually receiving the payment on the Binance P2P platform

One of the beauties of Binance is the versatility of payments. You have a lot of them to work with.


11. How to Earn Money investing on Binance

On the crypto website, there is what is known as “Binance Finance”.

Binance Finance is an investment platform (like that of Ethereum) where you can earn money by investing in the crypto website.

how to use binance to trade

How this works is by saving your crypto assets with Binance.

After transferring your asset to Binance savings, you will receive Savings interest, and the income will be calculated on the second day.

How to use binance to trade and make money

If you are interested, log into your account and go to “Binance Earn” where you will learn more about it.


12. Make Money Referring your friends and Family to Binance

If you have friends and family you think would be interested to work with Binance, you can earn a little money by sharing your referral link with them.

To copy your referral link, click on “Referral” at the top right corner of your account.

Copy it and share it with your friends and family.


It’s a wrap on this lesson. But before we close, let’s answer some questions that came up.


FAQs on Binance Tutorial for Beginners



Question. Can I use the Binance app the same way as on PC/Mac?

Ans. Yes, how to use the Binance mobile app is just the same as using the desktop version.

The only difference is that mobile feeling against a bigger screen. Built in terms of facilities, everything as available on the Binance website is available on the mobile App version.

Download the app, Android | iOS.


Question. How Can I use Binance savings?

Ans. Binance savings is a kind of a fixed deposit account where you get interest on your investments. All you need to do to use it is to fund your Binance account and transfer the funds to the Binance Savings wallets – so, you can start earning interest.


Question. How Can I use Binance to make money?

Ans. There are a lot of ways to use Binance to make money. First, you can invest in the Binance Savings platform, you can trade, hold, and even start a crypto business.


That is all about using the Binance crypto exchange both as a beginner and an advanced user.

One thing I like about the platform is the versatility and advanced facilities for users.

So, no matter where you are from, from the USA, Nigeria, or Russia, what is available on Binance.com/en is the same on all Binance sub-versions/platforms.


We are done.


Click below to sign up for an account on Binance.

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